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About Client

D3 is a digital product studio in Brazil since 2002. As a studio, we build digital products for companies like Twitter, Fiat, and Google. As a venture builder, we've founded startups like Zag and Aura. We believe in tech, design, and poetry to reimagine products and service to a connected world.

Work Format

Who is up for our challenges?

Our team is composed by developers, designers, makers, tech artists and creatives of all sorts.

There is no position defined; abilities make responsibilities. We believe in people who can deal with autonomy, with an environment of constant change, and who are curious and self-managed. We propose ourselves big challenges to deliver amazing projects, adding human aspects, passion, and experience.

Network Mapping, not recruitment

We are not recruiting any specific professional. D3 is constantly looking for people to stay connected, that identifies with our projects and culture - even not having specific demands, we always love to meet talents aligned with our business in order to create new work opportunities.

Main profiles that we currently want to connect with:

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